A Movement To Heal Families

Our culture was historically outlawed until the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 yet Indigenous rights are still violated through a diverse set of policies and practices in many institutions such as schools, prisons, local and federal governments.”

- Ronnie Frizzell, Founder of Sacred Generations

Data Sovereignty

Collect our stories to amplify narratives
about our community.

Civic Leadership

Build our power to advance
Indigenous rights & wellbeing.

Policy Advocacy

Champion policy innovations to steward
our tribal sovereignty.


“The first systems of educational inequity and mass incarceration in this nation were Indian boarding schools and reservations”

- Percilla Frizzell, Founder


"Fueled by an Indigenous worldview of healing, system-impacted tribal families have an unquestionably unique proximity to healing in our homelands.”

- Ronnie Frizzell, Founder


"By giving a voice to a whole group of women who ​have never had a voice in Congress, we're also drawing attention to the struggles and challenges our community still faces"

- Congresswomen Deb Haaland


"We can't stop the violence against our communities until we stop the violence against Mother Earth because what drives the violence against Mother Earth is the same thing that drives violence against our communities”

- Mary and Carrie Dann

Our Founders

Led by the power of proximity, Sacred Generations was founded by Percilla (Dine) and Ronnie (Shoshone), her formerly incarcerated husband. Both founders grow up impacted by generations of mass incarceration and continue to combat cultural genocide. Sacred Vote, a groundbreaking movement to heal voters, was recognized by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea. Percilla graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a masters degree in education. After being a student and teacher in Teach For America classrooms, Percilla studied community organizing at the Harvard Kennedy School and trial advocacy at the UC Davis School of Law. Percilla is also an Echoing Green, New Profit and Roddenberry fellow backed by award winning artist John Legend. In addition, Ronnie is a Camelback Ventures fellow and part of the Founders Gym community.


Our S.A.C.R.E.D. Values

Sharing stories as a tradition of education, stewardship and cultural revitalization.

Engaging in a series of choices to do something brave, selfless and valuable.

Finding strength in the face of adversity to contribute to our collective healing.

Returning to a state of wellbeing after experiencing generational trauma.

Engaging in the process of understanding a different experience and state of wellbeing.

Bold resistance and disobedience guided by culture, tradition and prayer.


Support A World Changing Idea

"At a moment when the world is quite literally burning, we need bold ideas. Pick almost any area of our economy or environment & it's easy to find a statistic suggesting that we're already at a crisis point. The ingenuity embodied by this year's honorees proves that we have the capacity to imagine our way out of today's crisis if we move quickly & commit sufficient resources so that the best plans can scale & succeed. But do we have the will to act on these & other potentially world changing ideas? Can we go beyond mere lip service? These World Changing Ideas were designed to address our most intractable problems & urgent crises. Presenting ingenious solutions to some of our gravest challenges, they offer ways to change our course, putting us all on a better trajectory."

- Morgan Clendaniel, Editor of Fast Company


"We are inspired by the promise held by this next generation of changemakers, and we thank you for investing in their potential.”
- Dave Hodgson, Vice Chairman of General Atlantic

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